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Downloadable Forms for Renters

   Links are provided to sections of our "Rental FAQ" page that explain more fully the reasons for using these forms.

   The forms available here are in simple PDF format. They are meant to be downloaded, printed (using Adobe Reader™), filled out, and mailed or hand-delivered to our office.

   We have not provided the forms in a format that would allow them to be filled out online and emailed back to us because such documents would not be legally binding. In order for us to be able to legally act on these documents we have to have actual paper documents with actual signatures.

Notice of intent to vacate (Vacate.pdf)

Use this form to give Gore-Rabell Real Estate notice that you intend to move out of your unit before the scheduled ending date of your lease. This will allow our office to begin advertising the availability of your unit for rental and otherwise assist you in "exiting gracefully." This process is explained more fully in the "Subleasing" section of our "Rental FAQ" page.

Transfer my deposits to another tenant (XferDeps.pdf)

There are two circumstances where you would need to submit this form:

  1. When you are subleasing your unit to a new tenant.

  2. When you have one or more roommates and you're moving out of the unit but your roommates are remaining in the unit. Your other roommates will also need to turn in a form giving their permission to take you off the lease. See "Roommates" on our "Rental FAQ" page.

Accepting a unit in as-is condition (Accept.pdf)

This form is also part of the process of subleasing. It needs to be completed by the new tenant who is taking over the lease of the tenant who is moving out.

Remove a tenant from the current lease (Remove.pdf)

Use this form when a roommate who is on the lease moves out and is no longer going to be a party to the lease. Normally, the person moving out will also transfer his or her deposits to the roommates who are remaining in the unit.

Add a tenant to the current lease (AddTnnt.pdf)

Use this form when you want a new person to be added to the signers of the rental agreement, giving him or her the same rights and obligations as the current tenant(s).

Pet Addendum (PetAdd.pdf)

The primary purpose of this form is to document that you understand that the charge for allowing you to have one or two pets is a one-time, non-refundable fee and not a refundable damage deposit.

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